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Laredo Divorce Lawyer

Realizing your marriage is likely ending in divorce is one of the most painful realities that someone can face. While divorce is relatively common, there are many reasons why your relationship might have ended up here. You may have simply grown apart and realized that you no longer want the same things. One of you may have cheated or otherwise broken your vows. Or, perhaps your partner has unilaterally decided they are done. No matter the reason, ending a relationship that you expected to last forever can be traumatic.

In addition to being emotionally exhausting, divorce can also be logistically and legally challenging. This is where a divorce lawyer can help. Laredo divorce attorneys help disentangle from your spouse so that you can move forward from the best possible place.

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Your Situation Is Unique
Every couple and every person is unique, that’s why a high-quality lawyer must prioritize getting to know you and understanding your individual needs
Even if you are still amicable with your soon-to-be former spouse, it is wise to maintain your own legal team

In the Laredo area, our professional and experienced team are on your side, helping you obtain the best possible result.

Here’s what you can expect when you seek out a Laredo divorce.

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The Standard Process of Divorce in Laredo

There are two primary routes that a divorce can take. Which one you choose will depend on the current state of your relationship and how well you can come to an agreement.
The first is mediation
If you and your spouse are still able to effectively communicate, mediation is usually the fastest and most affordable route. You will meet with a mediator several times, coming to an agreement on how you will split up the assets and liabilities. If you share children, you will also come to an agreement on child custody during the mediation process. Finally, a judge will issue the divorce decree based on what you have come to.

If communication has broken down irreparably, you will need to go through the courts

A judge will make a determination of what is a fair division of assets and child custody arrangement. This can take much longer and be much more expensive. In rare cases, your divorce may even need to go before a jury.

In either situation, you will need a divorce lawyer that understands local laws on your side

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The Specifics of Divorce

Regardless of how you choose to move through the divorce process, there are two major decisions to face. First, if there are children, how will they be addressed? Second, if the relationship produced assets, who will receive that money?

When it comes to children, the State of Texas believes they deserve to have a relationship with both parents if possible

To ensure this, you will need to create a parenting plan that gives the children time with both parents. If your children are teenagers, they may have a say in how they want the parenting plan to be written.
In general, children are separate people

The state will prioritize their wellbeing over the desires of either parent. Generally, one parent will have primary custody, and the other will have visitation and owe child custody. The schedule and amount will vary depending on your family’s unique situation.

The division of marital property is also critical to the divorce process

That includes any home you own, retirement accounts, savings, vehicles, and even any debts you may have, including student loans and credit card debt. The court will consider the duration of the marriage as well as many other factors to decide how these will be equitably split. The Laredo divorce decree will also determine any potential alimony since the salary that once supported one household now needs to support two.

Divorce Complexities vary

If your marriage only lasted a couple of years, you lived in a rental house, didn’t have children, and can come to an amicable agreement, your divorce may be relatively smooth

On the other hand, if you have been married for a long time, own significant assets such as a business together, have children and have not been able to communicate effectively, the divorce could be extremely complicated

Either way, you need a Laredo divorce lawyer on your side to make sure that you can move on smoothly to the next stage of your life.

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We work with the people of Laredo to ensure their divorce goes as smoothly as possible.

Divorce is hard

When you contact Rudy Santos Law, you will be working with a Laredo divorce lawyer that helps you navigate their complexities. Together, we can help discover a legal solution that fits your family.